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S1E1 Pot Semen, UFO Hoax, Anton Chatter

Where to begin...….in a space and time long long ago...… (approximately a month) a podcast was born. Not of royalty or noble birth, not of ingenious research or trustworthy sources. This podcast was unlike any other, born of the ramblings of siblings, the mere untethered thoughts of two people having coffee with good company.

First out is tale of two countries, sharing the same air space and humor. After having been caught by the United States Airforce during a under cover operation the British Special Air Service then went on to pull what has become the longest and most epic prank in history. Or did they?

Next is a cautionary tale, you burners put down your pipes and lend your ear! or at least turn down the TV. This could affect you! This could affect your children! Or Not.... we don't really know. But hey who doesn't love Shaggy anyway?

And to the BUSINESS - the depravity that it clearly isn't but so easily creates. The Black Pope, the Dirty Pope, the man who never had a plan and delivered it with epic consequences. The one, the ONLY..... Howard!!!! AKA Anton LaVey. Join us as we dip our toes in the skull clad chalice of Anton LaVey and The Black Bible.

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