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S1E2 Quidditch Fun, For The Love of Pets, Ouija's in Time

First up, we delve into the much less magical world of Muggle Quidditch. A real sport that is played on a hockey rink sized field, with hoops similar to basketball, a tennis ball inside a long sock (hanging from the pants of the "snitch"), a slightly deflated volleyball, and dodgeballs! It is the perfect sport for people who really can't decide what they want to play. And not to mention.... Allllll while riding a broomstick.

Next out, have you ever misplaced something? Perhaps a wallet, maybe your glasses? How about a pet? Maybe something much more sinister is happening in the heart of the U.K. Maybe a rift has truly opened up spilling forth people evil enough to strip a family of their beloved goldfish. Where are you Davo?

And to the grit..... as we are getting closer to the Satanic Panic, yet another piece of the puzzle. The Ouija Board, some say it is sinister and opens the user up to infinite evil, some say just a parlor game. Join us as we cover its humble beginnings and possible contributors to its stigmatic reputation

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